Measuring Through Materials

When the object or material you want to measure is more transparent, for instance a filter, glass or fluid, the amount of reflected light is too low to perform a reflection measurement. For (mostly) transparent materials, transmission spectroscopy is the best choice, since it measures the light that passes through the material in comparison to the emitted light, instead of light that reflects from it.

To perform such a measurement, usually a parallel lightbeam is used while utilizing collimating lenses between the fiber optics of the setup. The object of interest is then placed between these collimating lenses to measure what light is transmitted through the material.

Example: UV Transmission

A great example of a transmission measurement is measuring through sunglasses to find out whether they completely block all UV radiation as seen in the video below:

Related Products

These are some of the products that can be used to perform a transmission measurement. To find the perfect setup for your specific application, contact one of our sales engineers for advice.

Application Examples

Below are some detailed application notes on various uses of transmission spectroscopy in different applications and industries.

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