A key part of Avantes’ mission statement refers to our commitment to helping to save our planet and its finite resources for generations to come. Environmental monitoring is one way that we are able to pursue our mission directly through our technology solutions. Researchers and consumers around the world rely on Avantes instruments to perform their measurements of water, air, refuse, soil and sludge to safeguard the environment. Avantes’ instruments are designed to perform in harsh environments while still providing reliable and accurate measurements.

Find out how Avantes spectrometers are on the frontlines of advances in environmental applications in this free eBook with application papers and spectroscopic experiments.

Avantes has nearly 30 years of experience working hand in hand designing tailored spectroscopy solutions across numerous industries, with more than 53.000 systems in the field. We are the trusted collaborative partner that can deliver repeatable, dependable results with un-paralleled customer service.

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