In light of our latest product introduction, the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR, we are sharing some application examples for this instrument in the weeks leading up to its official release.

This week’s topic: near-infrared spectroscopy in the dairy industry

There are several uses for NIR spectroscopy in the dairy industry. NIR spectroscopy is a non-destructive method to analyze milk content for proteins, fat, water content, carbohydrates and minerals, among other constituents. The traditionally used chemical methods of analysis require specialized personnel and laboratory equipment, and are often destructive in methodology which is wasteful.

NIR spectroscopy is also utilized to curb an increase in adulteration of milk products with substances such as vegetable fats, sugars, and foreign proteins as well as to monitor and standardize production yields.

The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR

The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is a compact, versatile near-infrared spectrometer that can be used in many different applications but is especially well suited for food analysis.