Small and sensitive: the AvaTrigger! Designed for use with any AvaSpec-USB2/EVO spectrometer, it enables two different external triggering methods: optical and manual.

The optical trigger is useful for measuring pulsed light sources, such as solar simulations. Your Avantes spectrometer can start integrating within 1.5 microseconds after receiving the signal from the AvaTrigger. Alternatively, you can specify a delay time if you are interested in measuring spectral output against time (temporal stability). The AvaTrigger has an SMA-905 connector to easily couple with any accessory or light source from Avantes’ extensive line-up.

The sensitivity of the optotrigger can be adjusted by a potentiometer at the front. A green indicator LED on the front panel of the AvaTrigger shows a short pulse when a TTL pulse is sent to your spectrometer.

The IC-DB26-2 interface cable required to connect the AvaTrigger with your Avantes spectrometer is included in the box.

Product Information

*Depends on the slew rate of the light source