Have the most flexible setup with the combined cuvette holder, attenuator and filter holder. You can control the light throughput from 0-100%, which can be fixed with a set screw. Use the cuvette holder for any cuvette up to 10×10 mm and add half inch diameter (12-13 mm) filters of 1-8 mm thick.

The combined direct-attached accessory is available in two versions: the CUV-ATT-DA is used with the AvaLight-DHc (Deuterium and Halogen), AvaLight-XE (Xenon) and AvaLight-LED. The CUV-ATT-DA-HAL-Mini is meant for the AvaLight-HAL-Mini (Halogen) light source.

Product Information

CUV-ATT-DA-HAL-Mini 200-2500 nm 200-2500 nm
Cuvette dimensions 10 x 10 mm (light path) 10 x 10 mm (light path)
Light source mounting UNS-thread (remove COL-UV/VIS) SMA-905 thread
Light source AvaLight-HAL-Mini AvaLight-DHc/XE/LED
Fiber connection SMA-905 connector SMA-905 connector
Fluorescence mirrors 2 x SiO2 coated aluminum mirrors 2 x SiO2 coated aluminum mirrors
Filter slit Max. 5 mm wide Max. 5 mm wide
Attenuation 0-100% 0-100%
Dimensions 42 x 45 x 93 mm 42 x 34 x 85 mm
Material Black anodized aluminum Black anodized aluminum
CUV-ATT-DA Combined direct-attach fiber-optic attenuator, filter holder and cuvette holder, SMA connector
CUV-ATT-DA-HAL-Mini As CUV-ATT-DA, but for AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini light source