Avantes’ fiber-optic switch (FOS) is the ideal accessory to correct light source drift.

This FOS is operated electronically via TTL signals from an external source or one of our AvaSpec spectrometers. TTL signals can be provided either by an external device or by an AvaSpec spectrometer connected via an interface cable (IC-DB-xxx, see ordering information below). 

The FOS is coupled in the optical paths between SMA-terminated fibers and features four COL-UV/VIS collimating lenses (UV/VIS/NIR). 

Both light paths can be controlled independently via the two TTL signals. 

The industrial-graded shutter motors inside support heavy usage of the instrument. With its 5 million cycles, 24/7 operation is supported in most cases.

To operate the FOS, a PS-12V/2.08A power supply and interface cable are required (ordered separately). 

Product Information

*Attenuation is measured using 600 µm core fiber-optic cables