Providing up to 160 times more light on your sample for a reflection measurement relative to our standard reflectance integrating sphere, the AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL-12V is a valuable instrument for reflection applications. It is a combination of an integrating sphere and a halogen light source. The sphere provides diffused halogen light on your sample without the losses associated with fiber-optic coupling. It has a direct collimated SMA-port for collection of the reflection signal with any of our AvaSpec spectrometers.

It’s mostly useful for dark or low reflecting materials and NIR spectral measurements where signal strength can be limited. It is also very useful for measuring gem stones. In the application section of this catalog a complete gemology setup can be found.

The AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL-12V has an internal diameter of 50 mm, a sample port of 10 mm and an SMA terminated reference port. The 5W halogen lamp is stabilized and cooled with forced airflow. A 12V power supply is included. 

The switch line makes it possible to remotely switch the ligthsource on/off with a TTL signal.

Product Information