Two vacuum feed-throughs are included in this bundle: one with a 200 µm fiber cable and one with a 600 µm diameter fiber cable. The needed reflection probe and a deuterium halogen light source are included as well. 

Typical applications:

• Coatings
• Plasma monitoring

Spectrometer AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO Grating UA (200-1100 nm); 50 μm slit; DCL-UV/VIS-200; OSC-UA; AvaSoft-Full & AvaSoft-All
Light source AvaLight-DH-S-BAL
Fiber optics FCR-7UVIR200-2-ME, FC-UVIR600-2-ME, FC-UVIR200-2-ME
Included FC-VFT-UVIR200 FC-VFT-UVIR600