In need of more power than the AvaLight-DHc? The AvaLight-DH-S is Avantes’ most powerful deuterium halogen source. Like the DHc, the DH-S is also a combined deuterium and halogen light source, capable of transmitting light in the UV/VIS/NIR-range, but has 35 times more halogen output and up to 300 times more deuterium power. The source has a prominent 656 nm deuterium peak which can limit dynamic range (see Avalight-DH-S-BAL as an alternative). It includes a focusing lens assembly, to fully utilize the possibilities and size of your fiber.

The AvaLight-D-S is a deuterium light source only, making it a great option for measurements in the UV range, 190 to 400 nm. The AvaLight-D-S-DUV version starts even lower at 175 nm, for your deep-UV experiments. This version also offers twice the intensity at 200 nm.

The output of the AvaLight-DH-S is optimized for fibers or bundles up to 600 micrometers. For larger fibers the focal point is manually adjustable to optimize the light coupling into your fiber. 

The AvaLight-D(H)-S features an integrated TTL-shutter and filter holder for filters of up to 50 x 50 x 5.0 mm.

Spectral output AvaLight DH S
Spectral output AvaLight-DH-S


  • Combined deuterium and halogen light source
  • Powerful
  • Versatile in the UV/VIS/NIR ranges
  • Deep-UV option available

Product Information

Deuterium (Deep UV)/ Long life Deuterium (Standard)/ Long life Halogen Lamp
Wavelength range 175-400 nm 190-400 nm 360-2500 nm
Warm-up time 30 min 20 min
Lamp power 78W / 0.75A 5W / 0.5A
Lamp lifetime 2000 hrs 1000 hrs
Noise (AU) 2x 10-5 10-4
Max. drift ± 0.5%/hr ±0.1%/hr
Color temperature 3000 K
Optical power* in 200 µm fiber 11 µW 43 µW
Optical power* in 600 µm fiber 72 µW 239 µW
Optical power* in 1000 µm fiber 206 µW 354 µW
Power consumption 90 Watt (190 Watt for heating D-Lamp 4-5 sec.)
Power requirements 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions, weight 315 x 165 x 140 mm, ca. 5 kg

*Total power for the specified wavelength range For an overview of seperate filters to install in the AvaLight-D-(H)-S, see AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini

AvaLight-D-S Deuterium light source, 190-400 nm, incl. TTL shutter, -SR fibers needed
AvaLight-DH-S Deuterium-Halogen light source, 190-2500 nm, incl. TTL shutter, -SR fibers needed
AvaLight-D-S-DUV Deep UV deuterium light source, 175-400 nm, incl. TTL shutter, -SR fibers needed
AvaLight-DH-S-DUV Deep UV deuterium-halogen light source, 175-2500 nm, incl. TTL shutter, -SR fibers needed
IC-DB26-2 Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2 platform to AvaLight-D(H)S
AvaLight-D-B Replacement deuterium bulb for AvaLight-D/AvaLight DH light source
AvaLight-D-B-DUV Replacement deep UV deuterium bulb for AvaLight-D/AvaLight-DH light source
AvaLight-DH-B Replacement halogen bulb for AvaLight-DH light source
CUV-DA-DHS Direct attach cuvette holder for AvaLight-D(H)S