Raman spectroscopy is especially useful for reaction monitoring, product identification, remote sensing and the characterization of highly scattering particulate matter in aqueous solutions. Based on the principle discovered by Prof. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, it measures the result of the inelastic scattering of photons.

Avantes uses the high-sensitivity AvaSpec spectrometers in combination with a 532 nm or 785 nm laser to give you the best result for your Raman measurements. The spectrometers are appropriately configured according to the wavelength of the laser.

Now the AvaSpec-HERO is integrated in a Raman system as well.  
Because of the lower dark noise (only 2 counts) you’ll have a much better performance. The superior Signal to Noise ratio (800:1) is important when you’re dealing with small signals, which is typically the case in raman,. Also when small process changes need to be monitored in time, the HERO is superior as the small change process will lead to a small change in signal which can be clearly discriminated by the excellent SN ratio. The higher NA optical bench results in a better sensitivity (Twice as high as the ULS2048L). This will lead to more photons impinging on the detector. Temperature control is very important in raman measurements to create stable results in time.

Cooling to -10 °C for lowest noise performance and very stable cooling control ( +-0.1 °C accuracy) is delivering accurate and reproducible results. 
This all together provides you with a combination that is suitable for the more demanding applications (low light, better signal to noise, low noise ratio). 

All AvaRaman systems are equipped with cooling systems. Cooling the detector down to -35°C cooling versus ambient, reduces the noise figures by a factor 2-3, enabling the usage of longer integration times to enhance the detection of small signals. All AvaRaman systems are delivered with special AvaSoft-Raman software. Complementary Panorama-Pro software is available for Raman interpretation and functional group assignment.

A selection of different probes is available to select the right one for your application. For more information on our software solutions including AvaSoft-Raman and Panorama-Pro, please refer to the software section on this website.

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