The latest addition to our CompactLine: the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR!

Like our other CompactLine spectrometers, this device is only the size of a deck of cards and USB powered, which makes it easy to integrate into other devices and handheld applications. Since the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR has no moving parts it is very robust and can be used virtually any environment!

The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is a compact near-infrared spectrometer, based on a combination of our popular AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7-EVO and Mini-series.

Of course, the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR works seamlessly with our AvaSoft software and the Windows and Linux libraries we have available.

If size is not the most important factor for your application, we recommend the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR’s bigger brother, the AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7-EVO that is bigger in size but offers slightly higher sensitivity levels. 


  • Compact, versatile NIR spectrometer
  • USB powered and easy to integrate into other devices
  • 900-1750 nm wavelength range
  • 256 pixels
  • Suitable for various applications, including food analysis and recycling

Application examples

This versatile miniature NIR spectrometer is well suited for various applications, including food analysis and the recycling industry. Below are some application examples for this instrument:

Product Information

*Typical values. Small deviations are possible.

Specify grating, wavelength range and options. Other gratings available on request.