Do you need more precise measurements over a broad range? Or multiple measurements performed at the same moment for process control purposes? Our AvaSpec multi-channel spectrometers fulfill your every need. You can select the right option from our range of detectors, choose different slits and gratings: anything is possible.

Two enclosure options are available: the 9″ desktop housing for up to 4 channels and the 19″ rack-mountable option that holds a maximum of 10 spectrometers. With our USB2 version, all channels are connected to the computer through a single USB2 cable.

For the EVO series, we offer a USB3 and an Ethernet version. The Ethernet version (ETH) supports 4 channels (standard), but with the additional hub installed, it can handle up to 10 channels.


  • Combine up to 10 channels in one enclosure
  • Configure any channel completely to your needs
  • Set different integration times and averaging for each channel
  • Ideal for process control, plasma measurements and LIBS

Product Information