For customers with urgent needs and general flexibility in their specifications, Avantes offers a variety of preconfigured spectrometers. We keep these spectrometers in stock so they are readily available, which makes for a significant decrease in shipping time. 

Out of the six available models, four are configured to be used for measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR range (200 to 1100 nm), one for the VIS-NIR range (360 to 1100 nm), and one just for the visible range (360 to 880 nm). Several models are equipped with a replaceable slit (RS). All preconfigured spectrometers are available at discount pricing (as opposed to custom models) and include an upgrade to AvaSoft-Full. The full specifications are listed below in the technical and order info sections.

As usual, a USB cable and an extensive manual are included with each spectrometer, so you will have everything you need to start your experiments.

Looking for a more compact solution? We offer a line of small preconfigured spectrometers from our AvaSpec-Mini CompactLine as well.

Product Information