Avantes offers a 3 years limited warranty for all our high quality products! If you need more information please contact us.

Please note: in our General Terms and Conditions it is stated that we offer one year warranty. This statement is overruled by this special condition: 3 years limited warranty for all our products*.

*Fiber-optic cables and light bulbs are excluded from warranty unless deemed “dead on arrival” within 14 days of shipment of the product.

  • Warranty on a product cannot exceed the cost of the product. Avantes is not responsible for damage caused by misfunctioning of a defective product.
  • After receiving an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), Avantes will conduct research to the nature of the damage including root cause analysis. If stated misfunctioning through a defect of a component (electronics, mechanical parts, optical parts, firmware), a repair under warranty will take place.
  • After repair, the warranty on a product does not change from the 3 year period that started from the moment of sale. The repaired parts have a separate warranty of 1 year.
  • The 3 year warranty starts at the moment of sale, independent of the use of the product, unless additional arrangements have been discussed.
  • Warranty will not be granted if any form of visible damage is determined (damage through fire, physical damage, damage through fluids or others). Any use outside the specifications of Avantes or general misuse of products will also exclude from warranty.