For absorption measurements in miniaturized centrifuge tubes or vessels, Avantes offers the mini transmission dip probe. It features a miniaturized tip which is 130 mm long and 3.2 mm in diameter.

The mini transmission dip probe has a fixed 5 or 10 mm optical path length. It is available in three different versions: one for UV/VIS (200-800 nm) measurements, one for VIS/NIR (350-2500 nm) and one for UV/VIS/NIR (250-2500 nm). For best results below 240 nm, solarization resistant fiber (-SR) is recommend. The probe features Avantes ME, chrome plated brass, jacketing.

Optionally the probe can be configured with a longer stainless steel or Hastelloy® tip, other jacketing options (MS, BX, or PVC). The probe has two SMA connectors (FC/PC also available) for convenient coupling to the Avantes line of spectrometers and light sources.

Product Information

Specify xx = UV for UV/VIS fiber cables, IR for VIR/NIR and UVIR for broadband UV/VIS/NIR